Sunday, October 23, 2022

Kubota B2601 Tractor Maintenance - 50 hours

I have 50 hours on my Kubota  2601 tractor. This has the hydrostatic transmission. Here are the maintenance tasks and parts.  Note: double check everything here in the owner's manual. I may have made a mistake.

Engine Oil and Filter Change
The Kubota B2601 uses SAE 10w-30 or SAE 15w-40 engine oil. Use the SAE 10w-30 if operating below -10 degrees celsius. Kubota 
  • Engine Oil - SAE 15W-40 Kubota Part 70000-10002.
  • Oil Quantity - 3.3 quarts / 3.1 liters
  • Engine Oil Filter - HH150-32094
Change Transmission Filter
The B2601 transmission fluid recommended change frequency is every 400 hours, so this is only a filter change. The owners manuals state that the transmission oil will not drain during the filter change if the hydraulic oil plugs are left closed. However, I expect I may have to top off the transmission fluid that was in the filter.
  • Transmission filter - HH6600-36060
  • Transmission fluid - Kubota Super UDT2 70000-40200 - fill to the upper limit of the dip stick
Change Hydraulic Fluid and Filter
I think you can't change the hydraulic filter without draining the fluid, so the two are done at the same time.
  • Hydraulic filter - HH670-37710
  • Hydraulic fluid - Appears to be the same as the hydrostatic transmission fluid - Kubota Super UDT2 70000-40200. Fill the fluid up to the upper limit of the dipstick.
Apply a bit of grease with a grease gun to the grease points.
  • Multipurpose Grease NLGI-2 OR NLGI-1
Wheel Bolt Torque
Check and set the wheel bolt torque. 
  • Front - 79 to 92 Nm (58.3 to 67.9 ft-lbs)
  • Rear - 145 to 150 Nm (107 to 110.6 ft-lbs)