Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Research Paper - The Rise of Cybercrime 1970s - 2010

I've finally completed my research on the rise of cybercrime. This paper  is a tour of the conditions that gave rise to cybercrime and the crimes themselves. I explain how we made the leap from petty phone access theft in the 1970s to multi-million dollar heists in the present day. In doing so, I visit the computing environment that shaped the crimes of each decade and I postulate the conditions that made all of this possible.

There are a lot of interesting crime stories in here - some well known, and some not so well known. And it is fun to just read about the computing environments of past decades. We shouldn't forget our roots!

I hope you find this to be fun and informative. Enjoy!

The Rise of Cybercrime - 1970 - 2010

Here are web links to sections of the paper in case you don't want to pull down the pdf…

The Conditions that Created the Perfect World of Cybercrime
Cybercrime in the 1970s
Cybercrime in the 1980s
Cybercrime in the 1990s
Cybercrime in the 2000s