Saturday, January 11, 2014

Google Glass Day 5 - Glass Goes Skiing

Jacob and I ski at Park City every Saturday. Thought it would be a good chance to test out the Glass photo and video capabilities. Watch the video for results. I'm impressed. I liked the photo capabilities best. Didn't have to reach in for a phone. Nothing to drop on the lift. Just a 'wink' and the photo was taken.

The battery lasted about 3.5 hours under heavy photo and video use. I probably shot 25 minutes of video, 50 photos, and did 5 minutes of video play back. Not bad!

As far as skiing with Glass…probably won't do it again. The eye piece is too invasive. I need unrestricted vision when skiing. I suspect that Google will partner with optics manufacturers that will accommodate the Glass computing and optics modules. If they did that, I would use them for sports instead of my GoPro. Phone, compass, weather, camera, Strava all in one heads up display.