Friday, December 27, 2013

A Fraudster's Manifesto

While researching fraud rings a few years ago, I discovered a post on a carder forum ( that gave me some insight into the motives of fraudsters. It is nothing new that fraudsters are motivated by money, but it is interesting to read it in their own words. The original post was a carding tutorial with an introductory 'manifesto'. I've left out the tutorial section...

 Carding Tutorial: By.. Aftermath
This tutorial is written only for your knowledge not for illegal stuff or comp crime.
This tutorial took me short time to write it’s , better than nothing
If you are an old carder and find that nothing is new please don’t posts sh*t comments!
There are a lot of beginners and they will profit and enlarge their knowledge reading this.

But you will know my ways of carding, as Live in black listed counrty and carding all days.


This text tutorial is written by me, Aftermath... yes..( the king of all kings ) .

I really want to help people who want to card and dream to get something from internet coz really we was all like them, I started to get free stuff from Websites now I have laptop, mp3, cams, nice clothes but am always anxious and sometimes when the door knocks I though that it’s the police I sometimes don’t want to open the door and I think that all of the carders feel that.
But lot of things have changed I didn’t never imagine that I can get a laptop, because am poor and I do carding for only one reason that I want to get a lot of stuff that I can’t buy them with my money which is very few, the fact that am poor and seeing others rich, the fact that there’s no originals CD’shere, or Hip hop clothes that I want in this country; pushed me to into this carding world and here to write you lot of things.