Sunday, June 15, 2014

Enduro - Taylor Fork - Wasatch National Forest

I dirt biked Taylor Fork in the Wastach National Forest Saturday afternoon. 

Two words to describe this trail - steep and rocky. I saw a few guys on 4-wheelers. No dirt bikers. This is indicative of what you are riding. Long and steep and rocky. I stalled a few times here. Lots of weight on the rear tire is required.

This is looking down a steep rocky, switchback section. I have yet to ride this without dumping my bike. This time it cost me my front brake lever. A while ago, it cost my friend a hole in his crank case. Goal: ride this without stalling and without dumping.

The top has some fun stuff where you can spend a bit of time in 4th gear. Trust me, you'll never hit 5th.

After getting back down, I buzzed up Beaver Creek, just across the highway. Finally, 5th gear.