Friday, August 15, 2014

Why I Love Cycling

The silent speed of a bike.
The bike is what I need it to be - a place of peace, a place of pain, a place of peace through pain.
It moves me.
There is something about the act of balancing on two wheels that brings about a sense of well being.
It is the most elegant machine man ever made.
It takes me places I wouldn't otherwise go.
Cyclists are just good people.
The rhythm of riding.
Drafting a car down 224 at 48 mph.
The easy access to endorphins a bike provides.
It gets me close to nature.
It makes me feel good.
The camaraderie of riding with friends.
The speed of a good pace line.
The climb up Wolf Creek Pass on an August evening.
The absolute heavenly feeling of coasting down an empty road with no hands and eyes closed.
The youthful, playful feeling it evokes.
The pain.
The peace.
The joy.